Established in 2014 Passion F&B, based in Dubai, has created a niche for itself in the Middle Eastern hospitality space, with operations in Dubai, Kuwait and Mumbai so far.

Within a short span of four years, Passion F&B has been at the forefront of showcasing contemporary Indian food to a global audience,  with unique F&B concepts like Tresind, Carnival, Tresind Studio, A Cappella and Gala, operational across Dubai, Kuwait and India. All this while ensuring the purity and essence of the cuisine & its dining traditions remain unscathed. 

Continuing its innovative streak and capturing the current market gap for various dining formats, Passion F&B is currently in the process of introducing multiple new concepts of restaurant to its patrons in the Middle East as well as around key global cities.  

Bhupender Nath

Founder & Managing Director

Based on the prospect of elevating the revered Indian cuisine & hospitality while bringing it onto global culinary center-stage, Mr. Bhupender Nath established Passion F&B. An avid-traveler and fervent foodie, he has always been inspired by the hospitality industry. W ith numerous awards and accolades to his credit, Mr. Nath has been named ‘Indian Innovator’ by Entrepreneur ME as well as ‘F&B Entrepreneur of the Year’ by Hospitality Awards, among others.